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Thursday, June 9, 2011

I guess we're lucky it's not -10 degrees

This heat is ridiculous....high 90's and often hitting 100 is a bit unusual for the first part of June, what is to be in July and August!?  I have to get out the door early (hopefully by 6:30 am) to walk the dogs....totally dripping wet when i get through at 9am!  However, that is okay, i'm glad to be back to walking dogs.  Our trip to Texas and visiting the little Loftin family was wonderful....hide and seek in Hailey's BIG house was FUN FUN FUN.  Love how she is totally in the moment and not looking ahead or looking back, it was nice to be in that time zone with her just enjoying life as it comes.  She even loves naptime and bedtime, who wouldn't in her big new bed!  Then again, she just might take after her jiji a bit. 

Back in Loftinland....it's been catchup time, gardening, and like i said walking dogs....and housework, does that ever end?  We are missing Dino, a little chihuahua we helped get adopted for my mom and Dean.  We only fostered him for a few days before taking him to them while we were in Texas.  I got so used to thinking about him and taking care of him (like having a baby around)  that there is a void of his sweetness - all 7 1/2 lbs. of him. 
Just now relaxing after a full day already of being busy, eating some fried green tomatoes (from my garden) and now getting sleepy....must be naptime in Lofinland. 

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