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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cowboy #17

#17 is Cowboy, his other name that was given to him by our son is "Doobie" after the Doobie brothers....but after he came to live with us over two years ago we began calling him the Cowboy from Texas....and since our son was a fan of the Texas Longhorns and an OSU Cowboy himself the name Cowboy fit him better.  To this sweet big oversized pup who is a mix of husky and shepherd we have given our hearts to.....he is such a sweet boy and one that loves and thrives on attention.  Very seldom does he bark but when we take the other dogs for walks (he usually gets to go first) we can hear his howl for blocks.  It is one of the most pitiful things i have ever heard. 

Like I said, he was our son's dog....he got him right before he met Grace.  Time went by and Chad and Grace became a couple and were expecting our first grandchild.  Cowboy who is huge and a big baby himself required too much attention and after offering numerous times to take Cowboy for a little while Chad finally relented and said they needed to let him come live with us.  Our precious granddaughter Hailey was 6 months old and Cowboy was too much dog to be around such a wee one. 

Our son, one of the biggest animal lovers that i know hated to give up his boy but he also loved his daughter and knew that it was for the best.  Always in the back of his mind he thought he would take him back after they moved into a new home.  But a few months have passed and he is still here, and it is just as well, i am not sure i could say goodbye to this dog who has become my boy. 

He has been a work in progress the last two years.....many times bringing tears to my eyes because i knew he someday was going to get it....he is very sweet in the house and minds pretty well....it is on his walk that he is quite the mess.....I have been using a halti collar on him for the past 4 months and it has worked pretty well....but you have to stay consistent with rewarding him for his good behavior. 

He loves people and he has become good freinds with a sweet couple - Rueben and Maria.  They live in the apartments near our house.  We see them everyone morning.  They always stop and give Cowboy attention and he LOVES it!  it's like they have known each other forever.  He is kinda antsy until we see them each morning then after getting some good morning petting and hugs and what a good boy Cowboy - he settles down.  It's like he is searching for them each morning....they are not the only ones he loves to visit with Don and Manny and others he has met along his path.  His journey is to be a good dog and he is getting closer and closer....he already has the special part down.
....I need to say that there is also a very special bond with another little doggy here in Loftinland....#16...Eddi aka pigpen and digger....Cowboy and Eddi are inseparable....I'm glad they found each other here in Loftinland - here is a video of them doing what they love....playing together!.....

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