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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Loftinland gets some exposure in blogspotland!

Thank you PetBlogsUnited.com for featuring "life as we know it" on your site!  We are soooo excited!  We are celebrating with EXTRA cookies today!  We had to practically push our jiji up the stairs to blog about us...we would have but we have NO THUMBS....such a cruel thing....because if we had thumbs - oh the things we could do!   Our jiji has been sooo busy doing some remodeling around Loftinland that she has had practically very little time for us, let alone time to blog about our incredible life here!   We get fed, we get our walk...but our afternoon naptime with her in the media room while she taps away at the computer talking about us, and blogging what we dictate to her...well she has just been so busy!  So we took matters into our own paws and literally pushed her up the stairs.  Checking her email, she almost fell out of her chair as she screamed with excitement that we were the featured bloggers for the week on your wonderful and  beautiful site.   PhotobucketClick on the button to take you to the site to read about our featured blog! 

We are not extraordinary (like our jiji says we are) but we do love our humans here....and it is our goal to make them happy each and everyday.  Some dogs do a lot more....while jiji has been working away at her painting and beautifying Loftinland we have caught a tear or two from her as she listened to NPR http://www.npr.org/ and the stories about 9/11.....one of the stories talked about the rescue dogs that found people alive and then after days only found people that weren't alive.  The dogs became depressed and so their handlers/trainers had to act happy and play games with them to pull them out of their deep depression.  What heroes those dogs were, but what heroes their handlers were feeling so depressed themselves but pushing past that and being literally the ONLY people around that were happy even if it was not true, they acted so well that they made their dogs believe them so that they could carry on with the work before them.  Our jiji said she couldn't imagine having to do that...we couldn't imagine having to do what those BRAVE dogs did.  With tomorrow being the 10th anniversary we wonder how many of those precious dogs are still around and if they remember, we are sure they do in their own way. 

Our jiji has promised us that she would catch up reading the other featured bloggers to us! We absolutely LOVE reading about other lands out there and all the fun they are having. It's a beautiful world and we are so happy to live in Loftinland. Oh, and please excuse those typos....sometimes she doesn't always let us proof before she hits the "publish post" button!