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Monday, June 27, 2011

Hot temps = hitting the pavement early!

June is typically not a month of over 100 degrees....but this year has been different.....today the high was 104....so it was a good thing we got up early to walk.  Rick has been walking with me so we can get all the pups walked before it gets too hot.  Guess who gets to walk Cowboy?  ME of course!  Because i am the one consistent with his training and he does well with a consistent program of walking!  He has been doing very well wtih the halti collar still.  I am proud of him every morning that he conquers a walk with not too many scoldings....i try to do the rewarding with hugs for him, as he is a hugger!  He  also LOVES people.  There is a couple that walk early that we see almost every morning, they have become his friends....Rueben and Maria, they live in the apartments near us and they are religious about their early morning walks as we are.  Cowboy looks forward to seeing them everyone morning...Rueben usually jogs ahead of Maria, but he stops to stay good morning to Cowboy.  Cowboy makes sure I know he wants to say good morning too.  And then not far behind is Maria and he gets another good morning greeting.  They seem to adore him as much as he adores them.  I am grateful to this sweet little couple that help my Cowboy be the best boy he can be!  I kinda like them too!  They have great energy!  They are people I like being around...even if it is just for a few minutes....what a great way to start the day!

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