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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Eddi #16

I've got a lot to say about #16....maybe too much for a blog.  First of all, he is number 16 in the 17 dogs we've had - or i've had from childhood to now.  He wasn't planned - as most Loftinland dogs are not - he just kinda showed up like the rest of them. At the school our daughter is employed at as a dietician, she learned that one of her cafeteria ladie's was going to toss the dog to the side of the road because well, it just didn't work out, one too many mouths to feed, and as we learned maybe a few bad habits as well.  However, those are not reasons to toss a dog to the side of the road ever...there are other more humane ways of addressing a situation like this.....even taking a dog to the pound is much more kinder than leaving it to die of starvation or be hit by a car.  Of course taking a dog to the pound would be a last resort....the best thing would be keeping it because you got a dog in the first place and you owe it to the dog to give it a good home if you can.  I can't judge here, as there are all kinds of situations but the solution is NEVER to just let it go and fend for itself.   Luckily the little dog found it's way into our home and our hearts.  He came with a lot of bad habits, but to me that is just a challenge to make a good little dog even better.  At first glance i knew he had it in him.  And after 2 years I can say yes he did.  I just wonder where in the world all the corners of my cream colored quilt really went....there are actual bite "chunks" on every corner.  I haven't replaced it though, I don't know why, it is kinda of a "unique" quilt now, right. =)  Besides he may get hungry again.  He is SOOOOO many things it is hard to say just what about him tugs right at your heart.  Is it that he just doesn't really care that you don't want him to do things, or is it that he is a dog at heart.  He loves to dig and I swear he must be digging to China - so much effort he puts into it....Rick said we probably should have named him "Digger".  He and his best bud - #17 (that's for another blog) have the best of times chasing each other in the backyard.  Just this morning when I was walking him, he stopped and looked back at me, and I swear he smiled and told me he loved me, then continued on his way with a little giggle in his wiggle! His contribution to Loftinland is that no matter what kind of day you are having he makes it much brighter! 

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