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Friday, February 25, 2011

Dog Walking - a big part of Loftinland

Starting out the day right for me (after coffee and hubby time that is) begins with walking the pack. And this week I had grandpups to walk, so I put a few extra miles on my new Keen's that i got from Rick on Valentine's Day!
Changed a few things about the walks...started walking Russ all the way around the big block, which is about 1.5 miles. Something he has done for the most of his sweet little 10 year old life. But the last few years have been hard on his joints, but he really doesn't know that when it comes to walking, he just wants to go like all the other dogs. So I thought, he'll still get to do the big boy walk if I took along the wagon so he could have a little break here and there. So the .2 mile loop that took 20 minutes has gone to the 1.5 circle and it (if he walks it...with all his little rolls in the grass and resting) takes 1 hour and 15 minutes and a lot of patience from me. Or....with the wagon just about 40 minutes, plus my arms get a little workout pulling all 50 pounds of him. Anything for my Russ...he's a happy boy again!
The other change I made was using a new tool on Cowboy and Eddi, and also for grandpup Heidi. All three were strong pullers. It didn't matter what training i gave them or what tool (prong collar)....until now! This thing is truly a miracle. The "Halti" collar. I highly recommend it. I now have complete control and the dogs actually get more of a workout....they go faster and do not get in trouble anymore! I am very grateful that there is such a thing as a "Halti" collar!
It was great seeing "old friends" out walking....this beautiful weather has just been great! Although yesterday i did walk in the rain, and quite frankly i felt like a kid again.