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Monday, May 23, 2011

Seventeen Dogs #12

A few months back, I went to church as usual...sitting as close to the back row as possible - not one to want to stand out. On this particular Sunday it didn't end up that way. Our wonderful drama team did a skit on .....well i dont' really remember ....all i remember is the part that pointed out to "pray for the Loftin's as they contemplated adopting their 17th dog!" It was a kinda of a SNL skit poking fun at the fundmental praying church ladies....and since we were known to have LOTS of dogs, 5 at that time they put this bit in about us....however when I went home I listed all the dogs I have ever had and well, yes, I was at #17....So thought I share a bit about each of those wonderful dogs that I have had the pleasure of having in my life, here is #12:
We had a dog named "Charley Sue" she was the smartest dog I ever knew! She came from Second Chance over 15 years ago....she lived to be 15. She used to open the lid to the box where we stored the"cookies" on the fireplace hearth - wouldn't touch them, but sat guarding them from her pack mates Sam and Shiprock....drove them CRAZY! She could also open the gates with a flick of her nose! Smart, yes, but did she mind me all the time, heaven's no, she was just as stubborn as she was smart. She knew what to do, she just didn't want to do it! We miss you in Loftinland Charley Sue!

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