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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Misbehaving Tomato Loving Dogs...

The boys are normally good boys....as good as boys can be, even dog boys!  But when my tomato patch starts getting ripe tomatoes - they go berserk.....there is nothing more important to Grizzly Bear and Russ than trying to eat the tomatoes!  Cowboy and Eddi's main activity is still guarding Loftinland for squirrels....I mean we wouldn't want a squirrel infestation would we?  Even though those little squirrels are soooo adorable when I look at them eating all that "expensive" seed I put out for the birds....I know they are hungry too!  However, they are only at the feeders when the dogs are in....I try to warn them by banging on the storm door before I let the boys out! 

Bear and Russ are all about eating, Bear loves eggs and he also love tomatoes.  They know when I am making tuna (boiling the eggs) and chopping tomatoes....they know they'll get those little end pieces of the tomatoes (the big ones) when I slice them.  So in my small kitchen, which I have just enough room to turn around in, there is Griz Bear splayed out like a "bear rug"....and Russ beggin.  It is no different outside when the tomatoes turn red on the vine.  I am sure if I did not go out with  them Bear would eat all the tomatoes that he could reach, not sure if would share with Russ (probably not)....this video shows them telling me all about it....Bear doesn't usually show his Bear Growl but I guess he is pretty serious when it comes to tomatoes!  Cowboy and Eddi could just care less!
Watch the video for a glimpse of some of the fun I have in Loftinland!

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