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Friday, June 10, 2011

#1 My Very First Angel and Dog!

When it all began for me, my love of dogs.....she was a grey poodle that I spent my childhood days with - in the backyard with my brothers....inside with the family.  She was good at being a good dog for kids....all the neighborhood kids loved her too.  At 6 years of age, I had to say goodbye to her as my family was moving from Texas to California.  Leaving her behind broke my heart.  So much that I know I would never ever leave such a treasure behind.  I know my parents did the best they could....finding a home for Angel with a co-worker of my Dad's.  But it really didn't help my 6 year old heart....I left a lot behind, my grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins, and this sweet Angel.  She was the first of three Angel's I have had.  I am sure she is not the last.  While we had her she had a litter of pups under the house....all found homes and later when we were back in Texas....my Dad visited his co-worker on a business trip, and in the middle of the night he brought home #4 another offspring of Angel's ....Candy....another blog.....

Still, to this day I can almost feel the sweet nuzzles of this precious dog and I feel her beside me sometimes.  She has long left this world but I know she lives on...perhaps she was Angel #7 and Angel #14....maybe that means #21 will be my Angel again......I could only hope!

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