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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Doesn't take much to amuse him!

This morning I took my camera out to get some shots of the beautiful sunflowers that I planted and some of the ones that the birds had planted....coming back in I headed upstairs to upload them to the computer.  Cowboy likes to race me up the stairs, and he always wins....it doesn't take much to amuse him! 

I love it when I have my camera in hand to catch a shot like this...he is just such a big goof!  It also made me think of what Cesar Milan said in his monthly newsletter that I had just received today in my email inbox.  He talked about how his dogs showed him how to slow down his very busy life....while we are all staring into the future we are not enjoying the moment "NOW".  Cowboy is evidently enjoying this race up the stairs, he is thinking of nothing else, I have to agree with Cesar, this is the way my dogs live their lives everyday.  True, they don't have to worry about making the money, paying the bills, buying the dogfood....but they probably know and have faith somehow on their level that it will all be okay and it is okay to slow down and enjoy being happy, being alive!

He's definitely the jokester in the family!

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  1. I am laughing out loud...what a cutie pie...