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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Coyote? on the prowl!
 Really....? A coyote?  This morning while walking Cowboy, I met another walker that I had never seen before....he apparently had never ever seen such a "Beautiful Creature" - his words about Cowboy.  His puzzled look and then the strange question about him being a coyote surprised me.  I am often asked if he is a wolf hybrid but this was a first - a coyote ....REALLY?  Yea, I am walking a coyote, don't people do that all the time?  HE was not kidding.  Maybe he meant to say wolf?  I don't know.  He looks like a wolf and is BIG like a wolf.  Coyotes are much smaller and they aren't so pretty.  Despite being mistaken for a coyote, Cowboy was very sweet and loved the attention and pats on top of his head that he got from this new friend this morning.  He really does love people, is very interested in them, and if he has met you once then he is going to have to stop and chat everytime he sees you.  I just wonder what our new friend told his wife when he got home, because he just kept insisting that he looked so much like a coyote.  "Honey, you'll never believe what I saw?!? - to which I'm sure she would have replied, Yea right, you saw a lady walking a coyote!  HA!

I can tell you for sure (almost postively 100% that he is neither coyote or part wolf....) that he is a Siberian Husky Shepherd mix.  Wolf?  Really...he's scared of his own shadow!

I love talking to people about my dogs, and I get a lot of questions about Cowboy.  I have been working on training him for the past two years.  His progress has been slow but he is beginning to get it!  The ones that walk when we do have observed and witnessed this "beautiful creature" becoming a really great dog, the "dog" he always has been!


  1. That's funny. I wolf I can imagine, but not a coyote! Aren't they small and orangish in color?

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. He IS a beautiful boy though, isn't he!

    Thanks for following my blog!


  3. That's a pretty neat critter! :)