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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My real world, my real "job" is many many things....it comes without pay, but it sure does have plenty of "benefits". While I love being around people and loved spending time last week with my church staff, whom i was part of for over two years, i am glad that this week i am back to my real job. I was just helping out while they were waiting on the new girl to start working. They are a super staff and i love them all! However, i must say that i am one that cannot juggle work and home very well. Kudos to those mommas and daddys that do! But for me, staying home while my kids were little was the best, and now it may sound silly to most of you, but staying home with my dogs brings me joy as well! Taking care of Loftinland is all that i need, and that includes my rickster!

So i was back at the walks this morning. Got a lot of "where have you been" from those that see me the most during the week....fellow dog walkers, walkers, runners, bikers, etc. in my neighborhood!
They were glad i was okay i suppose. There have been those that have "dissappeared" and you wonder, where are they? If they were elderly you wonder are they okay? Are they still alive? I am still alive and kicking, and back to doing my thing, which begins about 6 am every morning....walking the dogs.

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