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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Because it gets so hot here so early, my husband has started getting up and hitting the pavement with me, so that we can take the "biggies" together - knocking off one of my walks but making sure they can all have a "somewhat cool" walk.

I've really enjoyed the time we walk together as we start the day out with a little sunshine on our faces. When i was working we always walked together, rushing home, putting our shoes on, and getting in a walk before supper. With so many dogs we sometimes felt stressed and the point of walking is to relieve stress....so me being able to stay home allows time for all the dogs to be walked and for the walks to be theureputic not a chore that we dread each day! But he has not been walking since i am home to walk....but he realizes he does need to walk each day for thirty minutes, so while it is so hot, he'll get up a little earlier or we will shorten our coffee time on the terrace each morning. Amazing what a walk each day will do, after just a few weeks he has noted that he has more energy! Maybe when it gets cooler in the evenings we can also get a walk in later too!

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