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Sunday, August 8, 2010

My daughter visited yesterday, we spent a wonderful day of shopping, having lunch, and then coming back home to just hang out. I showed her the new tv set up that is taking a little time for me to learn....Rick has the TV hooked up to a new computer with a tv tuner in it, so our Big Screen tv is like a big monitor. It is really great, and would be even greater if i could figure out how to do everything! It will come to me eventually! We also moved the tv upstairs so i think i'll get a lot more exercise....with 5 dogs....that's a lot of trips up and down the stairs to let them in and out....
We found ourselves watching hilarious and also very moving youtube videos about animals....i'm sure you have all seen the one about Christian the Lion, Bella and the Elephant, the bird and the cat, the oranguatan and the hound dog, to name a few. We laughed and cried as some of those stories were so touching, how species crossed over and formed a bond with an animal that they had nothing in common with other than what we all are capable of but do not practice....universal love.

Why can't we all just love each other, i mean if an elephant can care so deeply about a dog that it stays outside of the building where the dog was being nurtured back to health after an accident for 3 weeks, and then when they are reunited the elephant is esctatic! Can't we even love those people that are different than us...those that we would not normally seek out to be friends? We get mad at each for the littlest things....well i just find it ridiculous! I think animals are here to teach us much more than we know! What do these stories tell us, i need to listen and observe.

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