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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Farmers Market

It's really a stay at home kind of day but soon after my Rickster left for work, I headed to the Farmer's Market....to hunt down some green tomatoes....there were none to be found except those pointed out by one seller that across the way they had some tomato plants with green ones on them. He said you could pick those...hmmm, probably have to buy the plant so i would not get banded from the FM, and i have enough plants at home, but i am impatient for the tomatoes to appear! GOT BLOOMS =)
So I came home with the lettuce and swiss chard for our green smoothies, and I did get some shitake mushrooms....I am so excited to try the recipe i found online for mushroom gravy to go with mashed potatoes....the Rickster said he'd go on this vegan journey with me, if i would still make him mashed potatoes and gravy....problem solved...I'll think he'll love what I am having for dinner. Will make sauteed green beans with carrots and reserve the sweet and sour red cabbage he so loves!
I always learn something at the FM....saw a beautiful tree which turned out to have bay leaves as the leaves.....hmmm, never knew. He said you just help yourself, a dollar a leaf!
He also had a display of apartments for over 55'vers in which he managed, that had individual gardens in the surrounding land. It was really cool. I think I could live there. But I have a few years to go. Just a few....hope you lived your day with some laughing and loving!

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  1. So excited that Dad is joining us in veganhood. :) I need that recipe for mushroom gravy.

    Your trip to the Farmer's Market sounds wonderful- hoping to go myself this weekend.

    Yum- sweet and sour cabbage- I need that recipe too, I have some extra red cabbage in the fridge that needs to be used.