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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Besides living, laughing, loving, and lazing in Loftinland we are trying to eat healthier....that goes for the dogs too!  The first of the New Year we started the dogs on a homemade dog food diet!  That's right, they basically eat what we do.  After reading a lot on the internet and studying and getting the diets just right for each dog....I can tell you they are THRIVING in Loftinland!  The itchy ones are not itchy, they don't scratch and chew on themselves all night long and keep us awake anymore....although i do wake up still to just check on them, and I am still amazed that they are peacefully sleeping....the one that really needed to lose weight and has tumors...well those tumors are shrinking as he loses weight.  He has a zest for life that he hasn't had in awhile....Bear's dribbly nose has stopped dribbling....and Cowboy well, he didn't have any issues but his issue now is WHEN IS DINNERTIME!!!!?????  It takes a lot of planning and time to cook for 5 dogs but then I do it because I love them.  My love goes into the cooking as well, and they are well just happier dogs!

Here is a picture of them on Valentine's Day, with the Grandpups in front...because - well exciting news we have a new grandson...he will soon be coming to Loftinland daily and he is going to love it here!

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