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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Summer's Gone and with it an Angel

Here i am back here....i come here often in my thoughts, thinking i should write these thoughts down. So here i am. I'm going to miss summer, even though the temperatures were hotter than i like even though i like hot weather. Not enough sailing, not enough seeing our sweet little granddaughter, but still in all no regrets - it was a good summer. Although a sad sad day will always be remembered as part of the Summer of 2010 in Loftinland.....it was four summers ago we welcomed a 10 year old White German Shepherd into our family/pack. She lived those first 10 years of her life with friends. When we found out they were wanting to "get rid" of her, maybe even take her to the pound, we questioned our friendship even. We were quick to tell them we would take her off their hands. Our other dogs knew immediately that this dog was going to need lots of love to overcome what she did not get where she lived/and with whom she lived before. So they gave her room, they allowed her to be doted over, and it well took a long long time for her to even look us in the eyes, but when she finally did connect with us, it was a connection that not even her death could break. She fell in love with her pack and Rick and I.....but when Rick was home he was the magnet she stuck to.

While she loved us, everyone fell in love with her, from cars passing by that saw us on our walk everyday...people in businesses we passed on our walk everyday, and other walkers with their dogs. Weeks later, i am still stopped and asked where she is, when those that ask are told they are sad for themselves as well as for us...they respond, we will miss her, she was quite a dog! There were a few things she was not fond of such as motorcycles, firecrackers, and thunder and lightening.....so i suppose that her passing on will stand out in our memories of this summer, but her last four years will stand out over that sad event. We have her in our hearts and I still feel her on the walk she took with Grizzly Bear, i still find her beautiful white hair in the house and on clothing! I still see her sweet eyes that told us how much she loved us and that said each time she looked at us, Thank You, you saved me from a home that showed no love, where i just existed, here in Loftinland i became the dog i was meant to be and i know i came here to give you all my love. She did that and she did it well. Thank you Angel...for loving us, sweet dog.

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